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Therapy & Coaching

With specialized training in sexuality, couples’ therapy, and trauma-related treatment, I help you explore yourself, your relationship with others, and work towards living a life of satisfaction and pleasure that you want. I provide therapy at Healing Exchange, click below for me.

Business Meeting

Clinical Consultation

Clinicians, mental health professionals, and coaches sometimes feel stuck when working with their clients. Schedule a consultation for assistance. Prefer group consultation? Join us here!

Camera Recording in the House

Media Features

Media is a powerful form of education that has the capacity to shift a culture. Be it a full interview or quote for publication, let's work together to make sure that the information spread is accurate and de-stigmatizing.

Conference Event

Workshops & Trainings

In conversations around sex, sexuality, relationships, mental wellness, and all that lie in between, I enjoy creating a space for reflection, insight, humor, and a clear message for your community. See upcoming & ongoing events.

Currently Collaborating With


The Cupcake Girls

Nevada, USA

Providing confidential support to those involved in the sex industry, as well as those affected by domestic sex trafficking through holistic resources, case management, and aftercare.

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