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Print & Digital Media

I've been featured in popular print and digital media outlets such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, HuffPost, Teen Vogue, Vibe Magazine, Broadly, and more. Here are the most recent features.

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NY Times: How Long Does It Take to Fix a Marriage? Give the Gottmans 7 Days.

The renowned love researchers have been happily wed for decades. Would following the advice in their new book improve my own relationship?

nytimes nonmonogamy

NY Times: Are We Still Monogamous?

These essential conversations can help couples talk about what’s working, what’s not and where the relationship is headed.


The Washington Post: When Monogamy Isn't One Size Fits All

The boundaries around relationships are eroding—and, sometimes, that can be a very good thing.


The Knot: How Important Is Sexual Compatibility?

You don't have to always agree, but communication is the key. 7 Questions to Ask Your Future Partner.

Podcasts & Video

Take a listen to or watch me as I discuss relationships, sex, and trauma with colleagues in the field.

Trauma Treatment Collective

Ep 28: Healing Sexual Trauma

In this week’s episode, Nina and Rafaella Smith-Fiallo, LCSW discuss helping clients heal from sexual trauma, resources you can access to grow your skills in this area, and thought-provoking ideas on self-care as a trauma treatment professional.

Love Fix Podcast

How toxic relationships, trauma, and stress can affect our sex life

Rafaella talks about her guide to Sexual Self-Care, and group for Trauma Survivors, which is basically a sex-ed class with a trauma-informed lens to let people know they can take up space, in whatever sexual way feels good to them.

Asking for Myself

How do I heal from sexual trauma?

The goal of this episode is to be a guide and a warm hug to all survivors of any form of trauma. We don’t go into any graphic detail, but rather focus on coping strategies for healing and guidance to partners and friends or family who want to support someone they love.

Rosé + Thorns

Ignited by Life

Are you living life to the fullest, or are you bound by self-constructed rules? On this episode of the Rosé + Thorns podcast, P. Ryan sits with Afrosexology co-founder Rafaella Fiallo and chats about the relationship between discipline and freedom, trauma treatment, and pleasure.

The Be Well Beautiful Woman Podcast

Sexual Liberation Intersects With All Forms Of Liberation

In our conversation for the Women’s Liberation Summit, we explored the intersection of sex and capitalism, silence impedes us from being sexually liberated, healing your relationship towards sex and sexuality and so much more!

Sex with Dr. Jess

Ep: 202 Trauma Responses in Sex & relationships

Therapist Rafaella Smith-Fiallo joins us to share her perspective, expertise and advice. She explores pleasure politics, liberation psychology, social justice, and embodiment as approaches and tools for healing.


Ep: 19 Reconnecting with Pleasure

In this week's episode, we are joined with Rafaella and Tiara to discuss all things pleasure. We shared our personal definitions of pleasure, emotional roadblocks that disconnect us from experiencing pleasure, the role pleasure plays in our platonic relationships, explored pleasure as it relates to sex, our pleasure practices, and so much more!

Carnal Theory

Healing Through Pleasure

In this episode, Amanda and Abba chat with Rafaella about the many ways in which healing work is pleasure work, how we can develop rituals to support that healing, and how it is all a part of sexual wellness. Also on Youtube.

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